Medical Missionaries

People of all faiths helping the poorest of the poor

Medical Missionaries Success Story
Medical Missionaries Success Story

25 years

Volunteering in the service of others

Medical Missionaries, a non-profit organization, is a volunteer group of more than 200 doctors, nurses, dentists, and others who work to improve the health of the poorest of the poor in the U.S. and throughout the world. We provide medical care and medical supplies, clothing and food to the areas we serve.

Call To Action

Join us at Doukénie Winery for Friends of Medical Missionaries Day.  All are welcome and please share with friends and family. Children do not need a ticket.

Medical Missionaries Pantry is running low.  Please consider donating food and other supplies


Medical Missionaries turns 25 in 2022!!  Help us celebrate the work that has been accomplished.  Watch this site for information on upcoming events.

Medical Missionaries Caring Hearts Online Auction is set to run Oct 8-24th.  Updates coming soon.

Medical Missionaries in Action

Recent Stories

Medical Missionaries August 2021

August updates include a spotlight on Dr Mercier Lawrence, upcoming events, St. Joseph Clinic update, new volunteers and both incoming and outgoing donations.

Doctors and Nurses at St. Joseph Clinic

Medical Missionaries Apr 2021

We have sprung into action for Medical Missionaries as can be seen in the stories featured in April’s Newsletter! Many of you have been part of the projects and festivities of the month, especially our first Virtual Dinner, held merrily on April 17th!

Medical Missionaries Nov 2020

It has been a busy month at the Medical Missionaries office. People stop by daily with donations of clothing, medical supplies and equipment, food, household items, and hygiene products

Medical Missionaries Oct 2020

In October Medical Missionaries held the yearly Caring Hearts Online Auction, loaded containers that are being sent overseas to help multiple organizations, began a food and toy drive for those in need in Appalachia.

Medical Missionaries Sep 2020

Read about donations from St. Luke Community Clinic, Caring Hearts Online Auction, update on St. Joseph Clinic and the sad news of the passing of former board member Ron Burrell.